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Hereby presented to you: The Notes Hub®, this latest note-organizer has been designed specifically for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This design is developed with the goal of solving the co-designer's struggle with organizing and storing written notes. The product system includes various categories that the user can use to arrange all notes. When The Note Hub needs to be put away, it can be closed easily, making it less visible.  

This website will take you through the co-design process of creating The Notes Hub®. Created by Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) students for the Project Designing for Specific Users (DSU), a system has been developed to organize and prioritize notes, designed together with and for the co-designer, who is diagnosed with ASD. Step by step you will be guided through the design process and discover more about the designers, as well as the final concept.  


Bruno, our co-design participant, is a 55-year-old man who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) a few years ago. During the design process we worked closely together with him to create the most fitting final product. Get to know more about our co-designer Bruno.  



Before starting with the design process, the group did a lot of research to get a deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorder. Therefore, we did a context mapping study and  had multiple meetings with the co-designer.

Go and see the results.  


The process

Before deciding on the final product, a lot of ideating, conceptualization and decision making had to be done. Get to see the process we went through for creating The Note Hub®

Final product

After going through the design process, the final product The Note Hub® is created. Go and take a look at the final product.

Render 2.tif


After finishing the final product, an evaluation had to be done, paired with some recommendations. Go and take a look at them.

About us

Get to know a bit more about us, the designers.  


Yael Easton (s2625288)

Sofia de Gruijter Eguiluz (s2571021)

Abby Keus (s2384744) 

Johan Lagemaat (s2367440)

Lara Oosting (s2277344)

Britt van Slooten (s2531690)

Edward de Smalen Sanchez (s2236036) 

Project coordinators: 

Jelle van Dijk

Eva Blokhuis

Niels van Huizen


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